2020-21  Season Registration

Registration is well on its way for the 2020-21 dance season and we are so excited! Classes are always filling up so if you are interested in joining us for our next season then be sure to click on the "Registration" tab or contact us right away! You can view all of our contact information along with our office hours under the "Contact" tab. Please ask any questions you may have and we will be sure to get right back to you! Registration will officially close on Sept 31st, 2020, space permitting but classes do start on September 14th, 2020 and will run until June 17th, 2021. If you wait too long, there is no promise your dancer can get into the class(es) of their choice, so don't wait! We have some amazing advancements to our studio for this upcoming season and for the years to come, you do not want to miss the opportunity of being apart of this transition in to what will for sure be an amazing journey! Get into contact with us to see what we can do for your dancer or dancer "to-be" and whether they are 2 - 18 year olds, interested in Ballet or HipHop, are a beginner or a competitive 

dancer, we have something in store for you!

Contact the studio and join the Evolve Dance Family!

Studio Purchase & Renovation

We have some great news! It has been a long work in progress but we are happy to announce that as of July 18th, 2019 owners of Evolve, Ryan and Katelynn, successfully took ownership of our real estate that we have leased for the past 9 seasons and can think of no better way to celebrate our tenth season then by digging our feet in and deciding to stay a while! Now, you might ask what this has to do with you or what it means for your dancer? Well, this means that our home is your home... it cannot be taken from us. We can now most importantly do the major renovation during the summer of 2021 that we have dreamed of and turn our already nice facility into something astonishing and really something to admire. We know dance studios... we have been in dozens throughout our careers and we promise you, it will be the best of the best. This will change nothing about the energy at our studio or the vibe, just simply a nicer home for our dancers which of course, is a great feeling! For the meantime we ask that you are understanding as our studio stays as is, because any renovations or upgrades would/will be ripped out anyways! You will of course be kept up to date during the process leading up to the big project and we can't wait for that first day we step in to our brand new studio space!! 

Until then though... we dance!

Much Love, Evolve Dance Studio 

Outstanding Account 


Dance Families, new and old! We believe at Evolve in being honest and an open book. With that we ask that during this transition of the studio buying our location and preparing for the renovation that you do your best to keep your account up to date. We have never been the studio to force payments or even request payments regularly and have always been very understanding with our dance families and their situations and we are now asking, that in the future you do your part to help ensure we are able to be successful in this venture so that we as a dance family can all benefit from it! If you have an outstanding balance from previous seasons, you will be receiving an email in regards to the payment process and fees that will be applied if payment is not made. If your account is up to date with a $0.00 balance, we appreciate this more than you know! For those of you with a credit on your account, please be sure to receive a refund cheque from us to balance your account and start each year off with a clean slate! This upcoming season you will receive an up to date account balance monthly to hopefully help you stay on track with payments more regularly and understand your account more clearly if necessary. There will be some advancements to how you can pay in the future, one awesome feature will allow you to pay directly through our Evolve Dance Studio APP that will be available on the apple and android store for our 2020/21 season!  









2020 Summer classes are on their way, please contact the studio for now to inquire about the summer classes we are currently offering! We have classes for both recreational and competitive. Covid19 safety measures are being taken, do not worry. As we are transitioning to our online registration system and overhauling some of our back end systems for Evolve Dance Studio to make things that much better in the future! Our "contact tab" has all the necessary methods of communication for you to get into contact with us :)





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