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At Evolve, we pride ourselves on truly being

a family and whether you are a recreational or a competitive dance family, you will be sure to see that this, along with many other aspects, definitely sets us apart from the others. When we first became owners of Evolutionz Dance Studio back in 2010, we decided on a motto that still stands strong in our ambitions today! "Building good people, not just good dancers" is definitely another reason to call EDS your home or new home for your passion of dance!


We have classes for ages 2 - adult including recreational and competitive levels. We have a full range of styles as you will read below and you can view all the classes under our "schedule" tab.

We pride ourselves on finding the true balance in our training programs that keeps dance fun and inspiring while still pushing our dancers to be the best they can be! Whether your dancer is new or old, beginner or experienced, you will find that we only hire passionate teachers who truly do make a difference in your dancer's life. We simply ask... give us a call, let's talk about what we can offer your dancer and you will see that EDS is truly the best dance studio in the Fraser Valley for your family and dancer!

    Game Changers HipHop Academy.

All of our hiphop classes are structured

underneath G.C.H.A. and even though we currently and always have had a strong hiphop program with lots of options, we have big plans for the Game Changers family and program to grow more and more in the future!


Styles included in our competitive hiphop tech program currently are as follows:  Locking, Popping, House, Breaking, Waacking, Choreo Tech and 

Grooving. Game Changers is of course, also home of our company choreography groups and our recreational beginner classes alongside our pop up workshops and masterclasses that take place throughout the year. 

If you take a look, you will see that we have a very high caliber hiphop faculty, never seen before in the Fraser valley. This sets us apart substantially from the other studios and training programs in  the valley!

Style and class descriptions can be found on our "FAQS" tab and our HipHop Teacher's information

can be found on the "Faculty" tab. 


Kinetik Dance Co. 

This program is home to all of our technical 

dance styles. As much as this program is already beyond amazing, we are putting our best efforts into expanding the Kinetik program. Our goal is to really give the best training program and second home for not just dancers in general but especially for technical dancers! 

Styles included in the Kinetik Dance Company are as follows: Jazz, Lyrical, Modern and Contemporary. We have technique, conditioning and of course choreography classes offered in many of the styles above. There is a variety of recreational and competitive groups and classes available within these styles. Masterclasses and pop up workshops are also available in these styles throughout the year.

Our teachers we have on faculty for Kinetik Dance Co. are some of the most commited and thorough teachers you will ever meet. They truly care about the well being of our dancers and their training.

Style and class descriptions can be found on our "FAQS" tab and our Technical Teacher's information

can be found on the "Faculty" tab. 


Turning Pointe Ballet Company.

Everything Ballet. T.P.B.C. is exactly that, everything Ballet! Turning Pointe's main focus is R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) but will be venturing into other ballet training programs and making

some additions in the future! 

Turning Pointe offers Primary Ballet, Grade 1 - 5 Ballet, Vocational Ballet Levels, Pointe and Ballet Technique classes. Our conditioning classes discussed in our Kinetik program description are also available to our  Turning Pointe Company dancers! 


We have two certified ballet teachers on staff along with other lovely ballet teachers who will nurture your dancer's ability and love for the art of Ballet itself! Turning Point was designed because we truly value this dance style and all it has to offer!

Style and class descriptions can be found on our "FAQS" tab and our Technical  Teacher's

information can be found

on the "Faculty" tab. 


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