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​In a way that is not the same as another or as before.

"we work differently from other developers"​


Evolve Dance Studio, formerly known as Evolutionz Dance Studio has been growing and inspiring dancers under the same owners/directors in Chilliwack, British Columbia for the last nine years and even though that fact is not changing, lots of things are and with us entering our tenth season there really couldn't be a better time for the release of these new ideas and advancements. We have definitely learned over the past few years what we truly want to offer as a dance studio and for the Fraser Valley dance community. Our 2019-2020 season is going to be the start of a lot of changes both big and small, but all for the better! For all the necessary information, please continue to surf our website, especially the "News" tab, social media platforms and of course communicate with us via the contact info found under our "contact" tab to find out what our new studio is all about! Evolutionz is EVOLVing.

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